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Systems Efficiency Case Studies

Built Environment

A lot of energy consumption happens indoors, making buildings an important target for energy efficiency. And the energy efficiency toolkit is getting smarter: emerging innovations around building systems and grid-interactive technologies are combining with proven solutions like high-efficiency windows and insulation to make the promise of decarbonization a reality in the buildings sector. But to get there, we need to do more to push energy efficiency into the market.


Case Studies of Utility-Led Energy Efficiency Programs that Encourage Systems-Level Approaches to Energy Savings

As utilities face increasingly ambitious energy efficiency and emissions goals and targets, a focus on building systems – rather than individual components – is critical for utilities to achieve deeper savings. A systems approach considers interactions among components of various building systems (e.g., heating and cooling systems, lighting systems, miscellaneous electric loads), as well as interactions between buildings, among multiple buildings, and with the electric grid.

Utility energy efficiency programs across the United States can build on their traditional rebate programs for equipment by also offering incentives that encourage more integrated, smarter design and operation of building systems. The programs selected for these case studies, highlighted below, exemplify this new approach, and offer lessons on program design, engaging diverse stakeholders, and evaluating benefits for other utilities and organizations designing similar programs.

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