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“Through its fundamental commitment to flexibility, local choice, and cost-effectiveness, the Clean Power Plan sets the stage for a market-based transformation of the U.S. power sector that promises to help secure the nation’s prosperity for decades to come. In this competition of technologies and ideas as well as dollars and cents, energy efficiency has a remarkable opportunity to demonstrate its superior value proposition as the cheapest, cleanest, quickest, and most reliable way to reduce CO2 emissions and tackle climate change, while also creating skilled jobs and empowering everyday Americans to make their own energy decisions."
Today’s announcement of EPA’s Clean Power Plan is a positive step towards ensuring that the American economy continues its successful path of doubling energy productivity by 2030, a goal endorsed by the President that would not only reduce emissions below what is required under these new regulations, but would also save the United States $327 billion annually and create 1.3 million net new jobs. The Alliance to Save Energy applauds EPA’s announcement today of the final Clean Power Plan rule, which will help strengthen local economies and create new jobs while preparing for the modern energy economy.
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