Whether it’s located on the beach or in the mountains, having a vacation home can be a dream—and a budget-buster. One easy way to cut back on costs and feel more at peace when you’re away from your vacation home is to improve its energy efficiency. 1. Bring an Air Filter the Next Time You Visit Clogged or dirty air...
New York is known around the world for its vibrant culture and thriving economy. But did you know that the state is also known for being among the top five energy-efficient states in the country? The Alliance to Save Energy is excited to host a field trip to New York and another efficiency leader, New Jersey, on February 22-24 to show just how they’re doing it. We will take a bipartisan group of Congressional staff to visit innovative initiatives that are taking energy efficiency to a new level in both states.
In this Q&A, we asked how the winners feel about their impact working with energy efficiency, what accomplishments they think are most significant in their career so far, and how they think energy efficiency professionals can create impact. Check it out:
The American Gas Association (AGA) recently released Uncovering the US Natural Gas Commercial Sector, a report that focuses on the diversity within the commercial segment of the natural gas market. The comprehensive report includes a breakdown of the basic metrics, characteristics (from Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey), economic contributions, evolution, and growth projections of the commercial segment of the natural gas market.
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As electricity prices are rising across the globe, South Africans have become all too familiar with the effects.
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Senators Sanders (I-Vt.), Wyden (D-Ore.), and Murkowski (R-Alaska) hope to attach the Residential Energy Savings Act (S.Amdt.
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ISO 50001 not only requires that companies take into account energy impacts when conducting procurement and selecting suppliers but by working with suppliers to establish ISO 50001 as a standard energy management plan, companies can ensure that they influence the stability, sustainability and energy performance of their entire supply chain.
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 On Nov. 9, Vice President Joe Biden announced a series of measures that could open the home energy efficiency upgrade market to every middle-class American homeowner. The three-part proposal aims to save money and spur employment by confronting major barriers to home energy upgrades, most notably,  lack of upfront capital and homeowner information.