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Alliance Associates represent more than 100 companies and organizations committed to advancing energy efficiency. For more information on the Alliance Associate program and how to join, visit our Join page.

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The Energy Futures Initiative (EFI)  is a nonprofit organization in Washington founded by former Energy Secretary Ernest J. Moniz dedicated to addressing the imperatives of climate change by driving innovation in energy technology, policy and business models to accelerate the transition to a clean-energy global economy.

EFI drives innovation by offering uniquely rigorous analysis reports that offer new insights into emerging energy issues and recommendations for policymakers, and by leading stakeholder engagements that focus on elucidating the important technical, policy, economic, and financial considerations for the energy sector. EFI’s solutions are effective and realistic, even in these uncertain times for energy policy.

The EFI team and its global network of experts understand current energy markets, trends, and needs, and will apply this collective talent and knowledge to a range of policy questions. The EFI principals previously led a $30 billion federal cabinet department, elevating the Department of Energy to new levels of performance, developing and implementing innovative approaches to DOE business models, creating a supportive bipartisan approach in Congress, engaging the private sector, and putting innovation at the center of the global responses to energy security and climate change.

EFI has assembled a cadre of employees and advisors under the leadership of three high-profile and successful principals whom are dedicated to the success of the mission. EFI is also uniquely positioned to leverage the highly-respected, authoritative, non-partisan voice and reputation of Secretary Moniz to engage as many people as possible through its work, while working to integrate ideas from disparate groups and breaking down traditional silos.  




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