New CLASP Website Offers Vast Storehouse Of Information On Appliance Energy Standards, Labeling

Release Date: Monday, August 2, 2004

Washington, DC, August 2, 2004 – The Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program (CLASP) today launches a new, dramatically enhanced and updated information clearinghouse on international energy standards and labeling (S&L) on its website,

Among the site’s new, notable and more user-friendly features are the following:

  • Access to information on the status of standards and labeling programs s earchable by product, country, or region.
  • Label Design Library with a special search function for label images and information about each.
  • Access to more than 100 S&L-related documents, CLASP’s tools, and all current and past articles from the site’s online library through a newly designed search engine allowing visitors to easily find and download them.
  • A searchable Q&A Archives allowing visitors to locate relevant S&L information posted by CLASP experts.

“The powerful search capability and inclusion of the most up-to-date information make the new CLASP website of tremendous value to all those who seek information on international standards and labeling,” said CLASP Executive Director Christine Egan. “We expect the new CLASP website to greatly expand communication and information-sharing among S&L communities around the world,” Egan said. also serves as a virtual home for CLASP, a collaborative, global partnership.

Contact Information: Christine Egan, Executive Director, CLASP, E: