Energy Efficiency Stakeholders Lead Discussions At Energy 2030 On the Road: Southeast To Work Towards Doubling Our Nation's Energy Productivity | Alliance to Save Energy

Energy Efficiency Stakeholders Lead Discussions At Energy 2030 On the Road: Southeast To Work Towards Doubling Our Nation's Energy Productivity

Release Date: Monday, June 23, 2014

Today the Alliance to Save Energy (Alliance), Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA), and ASHRAE co-hosted the latest stop on the Energy 2030 On the Road nationwide campaign. The Energy 2030 On the Road: Southeast event, which took place at ASHRAE headquarters in Atlanta, is the latest in a series of campaign stops that aim to get states and communities across the nation to endorse the goal of doubling energy productivity by 2030.

Brandon Presley, public service commissioner for the Northern District of Mississippi, provided keynote remarks before distinguished policymakers from the region. Panel discussions focused on the Energy 2030 initiative’s three core strategies: unleashing investment in energy productivity throughout the economy; modernizing regulations and infrastructure to improve energy productivity; and, educating and engaging consumers, workers, business executives, and government leaders on ways to drive energy productivity gains.

“Endorsement of the Energy 2030 goal to double energy productivity cannot be met without the active support and engagement of policy leaders and business stakeholders in the Southeast, as this is a region of growth which currently represents fully 44% of the country’s overall energy use. We’re excited, therefore, to begin the process of engagement today in Atlanta that will result in new partnerships and programs to drive energy efficiency across the region,” said Alliance President Kateri Callahan.

The momentum of the campaign continues to build after the official launch on May 21st at the Alliance’s Energy Efficiency Global Forum. Also aiding the momentum is a new web portal feature, which allows event participants and supporters to endorse the Energy 2030 goal online as well as share best practice case studies and strategies with one another.

“Energy efficiency is a catalyst for economic growth and job creation in the Southeast, and SEEA works to bring together a diverse mix of stakeholders to advance this important opportunity for the region. The On the Road event series is another example of how the collaborative efforts of many local leaders play an important part in achieving the nation’s energy productivity goal,” said Mandy Mahoney, president of Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance.

“ASHRAE is pleased to be able to show its support for energy productivity by hosting the Energy 2030 On the Road: Southeast event at our headquarters – the conversations we’re having today will reach far beyond these walls to benefit our nation’s energy productivity,” said Bill Bahnfleth, ASHRAE president.

The next Energy 2030 On the Road event will take place in August in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

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