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Support the Main Street Efficiency Act

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Support the Main Street Efficiency Act

First-of-its-kind legislation investing in the energy efficiency of our nation’s small businesses is currently being considered in Congress. If passed, the Main Street Efficiency Act has the power to reduce energy costs for small business owners, cut climate-warming emissions, and create green jobs in every state in the country. We need your help today to tell Congress to pass the Main Street Efficiency Act into law.

The Main Street Efficiency Act would establish a grant program at the U.S. Department of Energy to provide low- to no-cost energy efficiency upgrades to small businesses. Energy costs can be one of the top operating expenses for small businesses, and upgrades such as highly-efficient LED lighting, ENERGY STAR appliances, better insulation, and more can lower energy bills by around 30% – often amounting to tens of thousands of dollars in savings every single year. That means small business owners can spend less money just keeping the lights on, and instead focus on investing in their workers and services after an unprecedented year. Here are a few other reasons to support Main Street: 

  • Reduces carbon emissions by 40 million metric tons – the equivalent of nearly 5 million home’s annual energy use
  • Creates 40,000 jobs, largely at small contractors completing energy efficiency services
  • Ensures federal funding is used wisely by matching grants to existing private-sector incentives

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