Energy-efficient buildings do more while using less – like keeping occupants more comfortable while using less energy to regulate the temperature.

Buildings – including offices, homes, and stores – use 40% of our energy.

Energy Use in Buildings

Buildings – including offices, homes, and stores – use 40% of our energy and 70% of our electricity. Buildings also emit over one-third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than any other sector of the economy. Most buildings waste energy needlessly, making power plants work harder and putting stress on the electric grid, making energy efficiency in buildings incredibly important.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Buildings

Energy-efficient buildings lessen demand on the electric grid, decrease stress on natural gas supplies, improve local air quality, and save money on utility bills.

Alliance Efforts to Save Energy in the Buildings Sector

Through the Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP), Energy Efficient Codes Coalition (EECN), Efficient Windows Collaborative (EWC) and together with other partners, the Alliance promotes the adoption, implementation, and advancement of building energy codes in the United States and abroad; influences national public policy and public opinion on energy efficient codes; works to increase the availability and affordability of energy-efficient products for government purchasers and procurement officers, helps develop new markets for emerging technologies, and educates consumers about the needs for and benefits of energy efficiency in buildings.

05/20/14 : 09:00pm : Washington, DC
Launched in 2007 in Washington, D.C., EE Global Forum is the leading international energy efficiency event, drawing hundreds of delegates from over 40 countries to its Plenary and Executive Dialogue sessions, best-in-class networking events, and one-of-a-kind Connections Club.
09/22/14 : 08:30am : , China
BIT Congress is a professional conference organization, and National Foreign Expert Databank dedicated to the promotion of intellectual exchanges and collaborations in technology and science, particularly in Life Sciences, IT, New Energy, Materials Science, Environmental Science, and Marine Technologies. BIT has organized major international symposia and conferences with participation of leading scientists and industrial leaders from around the world for...
09/24/14 : 07:00pm : Washington, DC
The Evening with the Stars of Energy Efficiency Awards Dinner has been the preeminent showcase for energy efficiency’s most industrious advocates and innovators since its inception in 1993. This prestigious, black-tie affair is held in Washington, D.C., and typically draws 500 energy notables from industry, government and academia for an evening of fine dining and celebration.