Since 1993, the energy efficiency elite have gather to honor the "best of the best" at the Alliance to Save Energy's Evening With the Stars of Energy Efficiency Awards Dinner.   

On September 22, 2016 nearly 400 leaders from industry, government and the non-profit sectors convened at Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C to celebrate with our stars. 


We're thrilled to honor the following entities for their significant and tangible commitments to the cause of energy efficiency: 

Charles H. Percy Award for Public Service: U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz

U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz will receive the Charles H. Percy Award for Public Service in recognition of his unparalleled record of advancing energy efficiency while at DOE, including finalizing an unprecedented number of energy efficiency standards, establishing important public-private partnerships such as Accelerate Energy Productivity 2030 and Mission Innovation and evidencing our nation’s leadership as host of the seventh annual Clean Energy Ministerial.

Chairman's Award: Johnson Controls, Inc.

 Johnson Controls, Inc. is receiving the Chairman’s Award in recognition of the company’s innovative Start-Stop battery technology for internal combustion engines, which automatically shuts off a car’s engine when it is idle and restarts it when the driver releases the brake. Start-stop technology, which is simpler and lower-cost than hybrid or electric vehicles and can improve fuel efficiency by up to 5 percent, has already been implemented in 35 million vehicles around the world, saving around 660 million gallons of fuel while cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 5.9 million metric tons per year

Industry & Manufacturing award: Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is receiving the Industry & Manufacturing award for its commitment to comprehensive environmental stewardship and sustainability. The company has made significant energy efficiency strides by incorporating efficiency into building envelope improvements, HVAC, lighting and process technologies for its major commercial and industrial facilities worldwide. It has also demonstrated a commitment to energy efficiency through its demand management services and efficiency technology for over 50 of the largest electric and gas utilities in the United States. View the full nomination.

Transportation award: Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is being honored with the Transportation award for its 25 years of innovative leadership in promoting increased transportation efficiency and improving air quality through the deployment of electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, fuel cell electric vehicles and more. View the full nomination.

Built Environment award: Staples

Staples is being honored with the Built Environment award for its commitment to energy reduction and efficiency. Staples’ energy efficiency accomplishments include the Staples Energy Reduction Program, over 600 ENERGY STAR certified Staples buildings, significant reductions in energy intensity and carbon emissions throughout daily operations and the proactive cultivation of an energy-efficient company culture. View the full nomination.

Power Generation & Supply award: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is being recognized with the Power Generation & Supply award for its outstanding advancements in providing the Tennessee Valley region with clean electric power. Energy efficiency has been incorporated into TVA’s energy portfolio over the years, and in 2015 TVA worked with state energy offices, environmental and energy NGOs, researchers, local power companies and customers to model energy efficiency as a dynamically selectable resource. View the full nomination.  

Innovative Star of Energy Efficiency award: View, Inc.

View, Inc. is being recognized with the Innovative Star of Energy Efficiency award for its significant contributions to energy efficiency through its large-scale commercialization of dynamic glass. Situated at the intersection of human wellness, smart technology and energy efficiency, View manufactures View Dynamic Glass, a new generation of architectural glass that intelligently transitions through multiple tint states to control the sun’s energy, providing an enhanced occupant experience and optimum natural light and thermal comfort. View the full nomination.

Rising Star of Energy Efficiency award: Guy Van Syckle

Guy Van Syckle is accepting the Rising Star of Energy Efficiency award for his leadership in energy efficiency, including helping to develop Hannon Armstrong’s methodology for the measurement, analysis and reporting of the environmental impact of the company’s portfolio of investments. Van Syckle has also displayed initiative and commitment to energy efficiency through his work on the conceptualization and realization of the CarbonCount™ scoring tool design and its initial operations. View the full nomination.  

View a complete list of past award recipients.


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The Star of Energy Efficiency award recipients are selected each year by the Dinner & Awards Committee, which includes a diverse group of industry representatives. The Committee reviews all nominations, selects finalists, and ultimately selects the recipients in each award category.



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