About the Alliance

Why EE?

Why Energy Efficiency?

Our energy future can be decided NOW by adopting energy efficiency as the first solution for addressing global energy demand. Development and implementation of energy-efficient products, technologies and services saves consumers and businesses money, drives innovation and productivity, creates jobs, supports a cleaner environment, and reduces dependence on imported oil. Most importantly, it does so without sacrifice - energy efficiency enables us to do more while using less energy. 

Our History & Mission

The Alliance to Save Energy began in response to a critical period in our nation’s energy history – decades later it continues its mission to create an energy-efficient world.

Our Leadership

The Alliance is led by a diverse and bipartisan board of directors comprised of members of Congress and corporate and nonprofit executives.

Associate Members

At the core of the Alliance’s success is our ever-growing roster of Associates, which include diverse businesses, nonprofit organizations and government entities that share in the Alliance’s belief that energy efficiency builds a healthier economy, a cleaner environment and stronger energy security.

Our Team

The Alliance is staffed by a core group of professionals with diverse expertise. Committed to advancing energy efficiency as our greatest energy resource, Alliance staff promote the organization’s mission through research, education and advocacy.


Looking for a career in energy efficiency?  The Alliance’s jobs board includes open positions at the Alliance and other organizations committed to developing the next generation of energy efficiency leaders. 


With headquarters in Washington, D.C. Alliance internships provide a front row seat to witness energy efficiency in action! Internships are offered three times a year in several focus areas.