Going 'Back to the Future' on Energy Bill, Senate Still Falls Short on Energy Efficiency, Says Alliance to Save Energy

Release Date: Friday, August 1, 2003

Statement by Alliance to Save Energy Director of Policy Kara Saul Rinaldi

“With the nation facing a natural gas crisis and transportation consuming over 60 percent of the oil used in the U.S., the American people deserve better energy policy than the reincarnated 2002 Senate bill.

“While that measure does contain valuable provisions to advance energy efficiency – including consumer and business tax incentives for energy-efficient homes, appliances, and vehicles and new efficiency standards for certain appliances and federal facilities – Congress is still evading the most-needed components of a national energy policy built on efficiency. Most critical is a strategy to address our nation’s growing oil dependence.

“Even if the President ultimately signs an energy bill this year, Congress’s work won’t be done. It still must increase fuel efficiency for cars and light trucks, institute a public benefits fund to advance efficiency in the electricity sector, and extend federal government energy efficiency programs beyond buildings.”