Bush Administration's Energy Plan 'Out of Touch With What Americans Need,' Says Alliance to Save Energy

Release Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2001

In an Associated Press story about the winners and losers in the Bush Administration energy plan, the wire service last week listed energy efficiency and the Alliance to Save Energy as the number one loser.

"Not so," says Alliance President David M. Nemtzow. "This is one time the venerated wire service got it wrong."

Who's the real #1 loser? "The American people," responds Nemtzow. "

By putting its primary focus on increasing energy supplies by using more fossil fuels, the Administration's energy plan would unnecessarily hurt our environment - the air we breathe and perhaps our very climate. The Administration's energy plan and recent speeches may 'talk the talk' on energy efficiency now - but it sure doesn't 'walk the walk' on meaningful recommendations - such as tax breaks for consumers on home energy efficiency purchases," notes Nemtzow.

"Being an AP 'energy loser' puts us in good company on the right side of an issue when the dust settles on the Bush Administration's energy plan," concludes Nemtzow.