$100,000 SUV Tax Loophole Wastes Money, Energy, Increases Air Pollution, Says Alliance to Save Energy

Release Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Including in the tax cut package a four-fold increase in the already egregious tax break for some SUV purchases – particularly while a comprehensive energy bill languishes in the Senate – is a poor way to make tax or energy policy, the Alliance to Save Energy said today.

“By supporting a new $100,000 tax deduction for small business owners who purchase gas-guzzling SUVs and Hummers, Congress is sending the harmful message that it's OK to waste oil and to rip off U.S. taxpayers,” said Alliance President David M. Nemtzow.

“The tax package is supposed to stimulate the economy and help small businesses afford equipment such as computers and machinery. But instead, this huge tax loophole for luxury vehicles would loot the U.S. Treasury,” Nemtzow said.

“While much smaller tax credits for fuel-efficient cars remain in a congressional traffic jam, Congress must refuse to give the green light to huge tax deductions for the least fuel-efficient and most polluting vehicles,” Nemtzow said.