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Blog Post 08/23/17 Proposed Cuts to Federal Energy Efficiency Programs Threaten U.S. Resiliency
Media Release 08/24/17 DOE's Grid Study Outlines Massive Benefits of Energy Efficiency Investments
Blog Post 08/29/17 In DOE's Grid Study, Many Reminders of the Success of Energy Efficiency
Blog Post 09/08/17 The Internet of Things – Coming to a Workplace Near You
Media Release 09/14/17 House Passes Deep Cuts to ENERGY STAR
Media Release 09/21/17 Efficiency Initiative Led by Knoxville, the Alliance and Other Partners is Finalist for Bloomberg Philanthropies International Award
Media Release 10/05/17 Senators Pass Resolution Marking Oct. 5 as Energy Efficiency Day
Media Release 10/10/17 Repealing Clean Power Plan Would be a Step Backward, Sacrifice Energy Efficiency Benefits
Media Release 10/23/17 DOE Proposal Misses Grid Reliability and Resilience Benefits of Energy Efficiency
Media Release 10/26/17 Alliance Launches New Initiative to Slash U.S. Transportation Energy Use by Half by 2050
Media Release 10/26/17 Alliance Responds to DOE Report Calling for Efficiency Regulatory Review
Blog Post 10/31/17 This Halloween, Avoid Spooky Holiday Energy Bills
Blog Post 11/01/17 Can we Cut Energy Use in US Transportation While Making it Better? We’re Taking on the Challenge
Media Release 11/02/17 Tax Bill Misses Key Chance to Encourage Energy Efficiency
Media Release 11/07/17 Energy Star Bill Could Weaken Successful Program
Blog Post 11/15/17 Energy Efficiency Investments Under Threat Deliver Enormous Benefits, New Reports Show
Blog Post 12/13/17 This New Study Shows How an Energy Efficiency Tax Incentive Would Save U.S. Households a Billion Dollars Each Year
Fact Sheet 12/13/17 Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives
Media Release 12/18/17 Congress Should Follow Tax Bill by Extending Energy Efficiency Incentives
Blog Post 12/20/17 Financing Was Once a Big Barrier to Energy Efficiency. Times are Changing.