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Blog Post 07/22/19 Senators Set to Unveil Key Transportation Bill -- With Energy Use and Carbon Emissions at Stake
Media Release 07/17/19 House Committee Advances Key Energy Efficiency Bills Including Workforce Training Plan
Blog Post 07/17/19 Portman-Shaheen: Back and Better Than Ever
Media Release 07/17/19 Revamped Portman-Shaheen Bill Would Deliver Energy Savings
Media Release 07/16/19 Alliance Applauds Senate Committee Approval of Suite of Energy Efficiency Bills
Media Release 07/08/19 Alliance Names Four Innovators as 2019 Stars of Energy Efficiency
Blog Post 07/03/19 IEA: Energy Efficiency Investment Decreased Rapidly in the U.S. -- As It Grew in China
Blog Post 06/26/19 Efficiency is Increasingly at the Center of Global Energy Transformations – But It Needs More Action Now. And Fast!
Blog Post 06/21/19 What Can the Expansion of High-Speed Broadband do for Americans? Help Lower Utility Bills.
Media Release 06/19/19 House Passes Robust Funding for DOE's Energy Efficiency Programs
Blog Post 06/18/19 One Year After Executive Order on Efficiency, White House Roadmap Takes us in Wrong Direction
Blog Post 06/13/19 At Energy Efficiency Global Forum, Uniting to 'Double Down' in the Face of the Climate Threat
Media Release 06/13/19 Alliance Adds Four Energy Efficiency Innovators to Board
Media Release 06/11/19 Alliance Launches Global Efficiency Coalition to Address Climate Change
Report 06/10/19 Policy Proposal for Infrastructure and Surface Transportation Authorization
Media Release 06/10/19 Coalition Releases Transportation Policy Recommendations
Blog Post 06/06/19 Five Simple Tips for Cooling your Home in the Summer
Blog Post 05/24/19 The Biggest Source of Carbon Emissions or the Best Opportunity? A Q&A on the Future of Transportation with Austin Brown.
Fact Sheet 05/22/19 FY2020 House Appropriations Budget Chart
Media Release 05/21/19 Climate Goals Nearly Impossible Without Big Energy Efficiency Gains, Hartke Tells Senate Energy Committee