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Annual Report 01/01/06 2003 Alliance Annual Report
Media Release 01/24/06 Alliance to Save Energy Joins Launch of National Campaign Advocating Development of Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles
Media Release 02/01/06 Bush Correct on ‘U.S. Oil Addiction’ in SOTU, But Missed Opportunity to Rally Citizenry for Energy Efficiency
Media Release 02/02/06 Alliance to Save Energy Praises DOE for On-Time Plan for Efficiency Standards, Urges Adherence to Plan’s Deadlines
Media Release 02/06/06 Administration’s FY ’07 Budget Request Ignores Potential for Energy Efficiency to Address Today’s High Energy Prices, Tight Supplies
Media Release 02/09/06 Broad Coalition Seeks Significantly Higher Federal Funding For Key, Effective Energy-Efficiency Programs
Media Release 02/15/06 Reduce Skyrocketing Home, Vehicle Energy Bills With Alliance to Save Energy's Power$mart Booklet
Media Release 02/21/06 White House Must Put Money where its Rhetoric is On Energy-Efficiency, Says Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 02/23/06 IRS Guidance Helps Consumers Benefit from New Federal Tax Incentives for Energy-Efficiency Home Improvements
Media Release 03/14/06 Alliance to Save Energy Laments Missed Opportunity In Senate to Back up Energy Law with Real Dollars
Media Release 03/14/06 Alliance to Save Energy Hails Introduction of Bill to Extend Energy Policy Act Energy-Efficiency Tax Credits through 2010
Media Release 03/16/06 Alliance to Save Energy Challenges Americans to Change ‘4 for the Planet’ for Earth Day 2006 this April
Media Release 03/29/06 New Fuel Economy Standards Will Do Little to Reduce U.S. Oil Addiction, Says Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 05/17/06 ‘Clean EDGE’ Act Properly Puts Energy Efficiency At Forefront of U.S. Energy Policy, Says Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 06/15/06 Alliance to Save Energy Says Western Govs’ Energy Efficiency Recommendations Provide ‘Blueprint’ for Other Regions, Congress
Media Release 06/22/06 Alliance to Save Energy Supports S. 2747, Promotes Innovative ‘Feebate’ Concept to Reduce U.S. Oil Dependence
Media Release 07/04/06 Alliance to Save Energy Unveils World-Class Assessment Strategies For Controlling Industrial Energy Costs
Media Release 07/17/06 As Temperatures Sizzle, Alliance to Save Energy Calls on Americans to Use Energy Wisely
Media Release 07/18/06 Leadership Key to Controlling Industrial Energy Costs, Says Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 07/30/06 Alliance Lauds House Approval of Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives; Urges Congress to Put ‘Extenders’ on Fast Track for Enactment