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Media Release 06/28/05 Bipartisan Group of House Members, Alliance to Save Energy Call for ‘Energy Efficiency Cornerstone Act’ to be Incorporated into Comprehensive Energy Bill
Media Release 07/28/05 Compromise Energy Bill Moves toward Efficiency but Doesn’t Curtail U.S. Oil Addiction, Says Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 08/08/05 Bush Signing Energy Bill is First Step; Implementation, Funding, Oil Savings Still Needed
Media Release 08/24/05 New Light Truck Fuel Economy Standards Important First Step, But Much More Reform Needed, Urges Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 08/30/05 DOE/Alliance to Save Energy Powerful $avings Campaign Focuses on New Energy-Efficiency Tax Credits for Purchasers of Fuel-Efficient Vehicles
Media Release 09/01/05 Alliance to Save Energy Urges Americans To Drive More Fuel Efficiently in Wake of Hurricane Katrina, Soaring Energy Prices
Media Release 09/05/05 DOE, Administration Must Take Immediate Action on Appliance Energy-Efficiency Standards To Avoid Loss of Billions in Wasted Energy Dollars
Media Release 10/07/05 Energy ‘Security’ Bill Won’t Help Record-High Prices
Media Release 10/11/05 CPUC President Peevey, BP America President Pillari, Former CEC Chief Keese to be Honored October 20 by Alliance, Along with DFW Airport, Burlington Electric Dept., Ultra Light Steel Auto Body
Media Release 10/20/05 Quick DOE Action on Appliance Standards Welcome,<br>But Prompt Action Needed on Testing Procedures, Too
Media Release 10/24/05 Senator Mark Pryor New Chair of Alliance to Save Energy; Outgoing Chair Sen. Byron Dorgan Remains As Vice-Chair
Media Release 10/27/05 House Squanders Chance to Save Energy in Digital TV Transition
Media Release 11/07/05 Energy Efficiency Offers Relief to Manufacturers Suffering From Run-Up in Natural Gas Prices, Says Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 11/15/05 DOE/Alliance to Save Energy Help Consumers Lower Taxes, Energy Bills With Info on New Federal Tax Credits For Energy-Efficiency Home Improvements, Hybrid Vehicles
Media Release 11/16/05 Today’s ‘Fuel Choices’ Bill Could Curb U.S. Oil Habit, But Only With Full Funding, Implementation
Media Release 11/21/05 Tax Incentive Coalition Launches Website to Help Consumers, Businesses Save with New Energy Efficiency Tax Credits
Media Release 12/01/05 Industry, Consumer Groups Urge New Energy-Efficiency Policies To Combat High Energy Prices, Ensure Adequate Fuel Supplies
Media Release 12/13/05 The Power is in Your Hands!
Media Release 12/22/05 Resolved: To Be More Energy Efficient in 2006
Annual Report 01/01/06 2005 Alliance Annual Report