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Media Release 06/06/02 CPUC Vote to Fund Energy Efficiency Efforts in California Schools Victory for Students, Communities
Media Release 08/21/02 To Meet Home Purchasing, Remodeling Boom, Alliance to Save Energy's Free ‘Power$mart’ Booklet Provides Easy Home 'Investment' Tips to Cut Energy Bills, Pollution
Media Release 09/17/02 Alliance to Save Energy Honors Consumer Reports, Sears, Energy Star, Amory Lovins, CertainTeed, Sen. Bingaman as 2002 Top Achievers in Energy Efficiency Field
Media Release 09/17/02 Winners Announced for 2002 'Earth Apple Awards' for K-12 Schools
Media Release 10/02/02 Alliance to Save Energy Elects Sen. Susan Collins as New Vice Chair
Media Release 10/22/02 Alliance Offers Consumers Tips to Reduce Winter Energy Bills as Heating Oil, Natural Gas Prices Increase, Forecasters Predict 'Normal' Cold Winter Temperatures
Media Release 12/02/02 Keep Your Holiday Season Bright, Energy Bills Low with Tips from the Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 12/13/02 Alliance to Save Energy: Bush Fuel Economy Increase a Mere 'Drop in the Barrel'
Media Release 12/18/02 Alliance to Save Energy Launches Humorous TV Campaign
Media Release 01/22/03 SUV Tax Break ‘Outrageous,’ Says Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 02/03/03 Despite Commitment to Hydrogen, Energy Efficiency to be Cut
Media Release 02/06/03 U.S. Must Commit to Energy Efficiency Immediately, Not Just 20 or More Years ‘Down the Road,’ Says Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 03/13/03 Alliance to Save Energy Supports New Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives Introduced in Senate
Media Release 03/27/03 'Drive for America' Campaign Calls on Big Three Automakers to Increase Fuel Economy as Matter of National Security
Media Release 04/01/03 Administration Decision on Fuel Economy Squanders Opportunity to Reduce U.S. Oil Imports, Protect Environment, Enhance National Security
Media Release 04/02/03 Alliance to Save Energy Praises Tax Incentives for Energy Efficiency
Media Release 04/10/03 House Energy Bill: ‘One Small Step for Efficiency, One Giant Leap for Production’
Media Release 04/30/03 Senate Energy Committee Bill Fails to Deal with Tough Issues, Says Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 05/07/03 Alliance to Save Energy Comparison of House, Senate Energy Bills Points Out Flawed Provisions – and Omissions
Media Release 05/21/03 $100,000 SUV Tax Loophole Wastes Money, Energy, Increases Air Pollution, Says Alliance to Save Energy