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Media Release 05/22/01 Bush Administration's Energy Plan 'Out of Touch With What Americans Need,' Says Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 05/29/01 As Politicians Bicker Over Energy Policy in Washington Alliance to Save Energy Offers Frustrated Consumers Money $aving Tips to Cut Summer Home, Car Energy Bills, Pollution
Media Release 06/04/01 Working with the Alliance to Save Energy's Green Schools Program, ten California schools in three school districts cut their electricity waste by up to 18 percent. Cumulatively, the schools saved more than $51,000 in seven to eight months using only those
Media Release 07/16/01 BP Joins Alliance to Save Energy; Only Oil Company Partners With 70 Leading Companies In Their Industries Promoting Energy Efficiency
Media Release 07/18/01 Alliance to Save Energy Commends the House Ways and Means Committee for Endorsing Energy Efficiency Incentives
Media Release 07/18/01 Barton Bill Fails to Take Meaningful Action on Energy Efficiency
Media Release 08/01/01 'OPEC Has Been In The Driver's Seat, It's Time for Congress To Take Back the Keys,' Says Alliance to Save Energy As Congress Votes On Most Important Energy Efficiency Bill Since 1980s
Media Release 08/02/01 Alliance President: 'Senate Must Address What House Has So Forcefully Neglected'
Media Release 10/09/01 Energy Security, Energy Policy Debate Highlighted at Alliance to Save Energy Alliance Associates Summit on Energy Efficiency
Media Release 10/12/01 Alliance to Save Energy Honors N.Y. Gov. Pataki with Major Award For Pioneering Energy Leadership
Media Release 11/07/01 Alliance to Save Energy Praises Bush Administration for High Level Recognition Of Energy Efficiency in Government
Media Release 11/15/01 Senator Dorgan Becomes New Alliance to Save Energy Chair, Succeeding Senator Bingaman Who Remains on Board
Media Release 12/05/01 Introduction of Daschle-Bingaman Energy Legislation
Media Release 02/05/02 Alliance to Save Energy Commends Bush Administration On Energy-Efficiency Budget; Urges Congress To Increase Funding to Enhance Energy Security
Media Release 03/08/02 Bipartisan Agreement on Fuel Economy Puts National Security First
Media Release 03/13/02 Senate Running On Empty on Fuel Economy
Media Release 04/25/02 Alliance to Save Energy Rebukes U.S.Senate For 'Pitiful Showing' On Energy Efficiency In Major Energy Bill
Media Release 05/01/02 To Cope with Drought Conditions, Summer Electricity Reliability, Alliance to Save Energy Offers Consumers Combined Water, Energy $aving Tips
Media Release 05/14/02 Alliance to Save Energy Pleasantly 'Shocked' That Its Humorous, 'Shocking' 'Static Electricity House' TV PSA Judged #2 TV Commercial in World
Media Release 05/23/02 Alliance to Save Energy Says Summers Will Be More Expensive, Dirtier under Bush Air Conditioner Rules