Resources | Alliance to Save Energy
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Media Release 06/28/00 Congress Put OPEC in Driver’s Seat, Alliance to Save Energy Testifies Today
Media Release 06/01/00 Alliance to Save Energy Offers Home Energy Tips, Web Resources To Head Off Power Blackouts/Brownouts, Cut Energy Bills, Pollution
Media Release 05/23/00 President, Alliance To Save Energy Regarding Today’s Landmark Agreement on Clothes Washer Energy Efficiency
Media Release 05/16/00 Alliance Honors Toyota, Habitat for Humanity, Leaders of Earth Day, OSRAM SYLVANIA As 'Stars of Energy Efficiency'
Media Release 03/22/00 Alliance to Save Energy Offers Year-Round Tips To Cut Energy Bills, Pollution As Half A Billion People Focus on Energy During Countdown to Earth Day 2000
Media Release 03/08/00 Students in Alliance to Save Energy’s Green Schools Program Cut $23,000 from NY School’s Energy Costs
Media Release 03/07/00 Alliance to Save Energy Points Finger at Congress/Auto Manufacturers for High Oil Prices
Media Release 03/02/00 Alliance to Save Energy Launches ‘4 for the Planet’ For Earth Day 2000
Media Release 03/01/00 Alliance to Save Energy Offers Congress 10 Options How to Cut Oil Prices and Dependency
Media Release 02/22/00 Alliance to Save Energy Says Congress’ Block of Fuel Economy Standards Fuels Trucker Protest on Roads Today
Media Release 02/07/00 Alliance to Save Energy Commends Clinton Administration FY2001 Budget on Energy Efficiency Measures; Looks Closely at Fine Print on Federal Energy Management
Media Release 11/16/99 Alliance Praises Clinton Administration for Negotiating $56 Million Energy-Efficiency Increase
Media Release 08/30/99 Alliance Urges Congress, States, School Districts To Reduce Second Largest Expense
Media Release 06/25/99 Senate Interior Appropriations Amendment Threatens Federal Efficiency Initiative
Media Release 06/23/99 Alliance to Save Energy, Homes Coalition Urge Congress to Pass Home Energy Tax Credit
Media Release 06/03/99 Alliance to Save Energy Commends White House for Plugging Energy Leaks, Historic Climate Change Commitments
Media Release 05/05/99 Alliance to Save Energy Taps Ted Turner, Whirlpool, Durst, NAIMA As ‘Stars of Energy Efficiency’
Media Release 04/22/99 Coalition for Energy-Efficient Homes Tax Proposal Bolsters Environmental Protection
Media Release 04/15/99 Clinton Administration’s Utility Restructuring Proposal Offers Congress, States Approach to Save Consumers Money, Decrease Pollution
Media Release 01/21/99 Alliance to Save Energy, Home Builders, Industry Rally Around Home Energy Tax Credit