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Advocacy 06/09/20 Urge Congress to Protect Energy Efficiency Jobs
Blog Post 06/08/20 New GAO report on school infrastructure underlines need for urgent public facilities stimulus funding
Blog Post 06/04/20 How the Three Percent Club is Maintaining Climate Momentum in the Time of COVID-19
Media Release 06/04/20 Hundreds of Manufacturers, Contractors Ask Congress to Strengthen Energy Efficiency Tax Incentive
Blog Post 05/21/20 Stimulate Recovery Through Small Business Efficiency? We Hear You, Ernie, And We Couldn’t Agree More!
Blog Post 05/20/20 EV Investments Show a First Step in Jumpstarting Our Economy
Blog Post 05/14/20 Devastating Efficiency Job Losses Highlight the Need for Congressional Action
Media Release 05/13/20 Alliance Calls on Congress to Address Devastating Job Losses
Blog Post 05/06/20 Public Transit Has an Exceptional ROI. Let’s Get on Board to Speed Economic Recovery.
Blog Post 04/24/20 New Report Shows Efficiency Job Impacts Caused by COVID-19
Blog Post 04/21/20 This Earth Day, Let's Act on Energy Efficiency
Blog Post 04/17/20 EmPowering Students at Home
Blog Post 04/14/20 Introducing the First in our EE Global Webinar Series – The 2019 Global Energy Efficiency Indicator Study
Blog Post 04/09/20 Restoring our Economy through Energy Efficiency Investments in Transportation
Blog Post 04/07/20 Smart Tax Incentives Can Kickstart the Efficiency Economy
Blog Post 04/03/20 Driving Energy Efficiency through Small Business Investment
Blog Post 04/02/20 Economic Stimulus – Let’s Do Building Retrofits RIGHT
Blog Post 04/01/20 Auto Efficiency Rollback is Simply Bad Policy
Media Release 03/31/20 Auto Efficiency Rollback Means Higher Costs, Needless Pollution
Blog Post 03/30/20 Phase 3 Recovery Bill Will Improve Efficiency by Fixing QIP Tax Error