Workplace Giving: Donate to the Alliance with Your CFC

Are you a federal employee looking for an easy way to give to a trustworthy, high-impact charity? If so, participate in your agency’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and choose the Alliance to Save Energy to receive your donations (CFC Code No. 11783).

The CFC is the payroll deduction-based workplace giving program for employees of the U.S. federal government. The CFC is the biggest workplace giving program in the United States. Through the CFC, federal employees donate millions of dollars each year to nonprofit organizations.

Give Back with Federal Payroll-Deducted Donations

With help from CFC donations, the Alliance has made great strides in achieving a healthier economy, cleaner environment, and stronger energy security. In fact, contributions received through the CFC are imperative in carrying out the Alliance’s mission of promoting energy efficiency worldwide.

Join us in creating an even more energy-efficient world!

How to Donate

The nation’s nearly 4 million federal employees and military personnel are eligible to contribute to the charities of their choice through the CFC. During the campaign season, which started in September and will end on Dec. 15, 2013, employees can pledge to any participating organization through paycheck deductions.

Employees are issued a pledge form on which they record the Alliance’s CFC# 11783 and the amount they wish to pledge. Payroll deductions from pledges begin on the first pay period in January 2014 and end in the  last pay period of 2014.

Alliance Making a Difference

The Alliance is the most effective organization in the world at getting energy efficiency policies enacted and programs advanced. Our success rests on four pillars:

  • First, we have been a leader in energy efficiency for more than 35 years. We have a track record of success in advancing efficiency for the economy, national security and the environment.
  • Second, we have a dynamic board of directors and more than 170 Associates representing efficiency leaders in every field. When we bring their support to bear behind a position, things happen.
  • Third, we have a staff that, combined, has close to 50 years of direct experience with working on the Hill or actually leading the delivery of federal programs. In other words, our staff has been on the inside and knows how to make things work within the federal system.
  • Finally, we have a range of programs and expert staff in every efficiency discipline — utilities, buildings, codes, education, international, water and industrial. These programs keep our policy work grounded in reality, while also extending the reach of the Alliance outside of Washington, D.C.

Pledge Alliance

Your donation can help the Alliance to continue our progress in promoting energy efficiency across the globe.  Use CFC# 11783 and sign up now to make the Alliance your choice.

If you have any questions about the CFC, please contact development@ase.org