State Energy Efficiency Policy Briefs

This series of policy briefs is specifically designed to provide state officials and those who track and analyze state legislation with a concise and focused review of policy options available to state governments in promoting energy efficiency.

Brief #1: Funding Mechanisms for Energy Efficiency

Brief #2: State Energy Efficiency Loan Programs

Brief #3: Paying for Energy Efficiency Upgrades through Utility Bills

Brief #4: Models for Administering Ratepayer-Funded Energy Efficiency Programs

Brief #5: State-Run Energy Efficiency Outreach Programs

Brief #6: Appliance Standards for Energy Efficiency

Brief #7: Building Energy Codes

Brief #8: State Tax Policies to Encourage Energy Efficiency

Brief #9: The Energy Efficiency Resource Standard

These briefs were developed by Matthew Brown, a partner with Harcourt Brown LLC. Harcourt Brown LLC is a consulting firm with a specialty in financing for clean energy and environmental strategy.

The series was made possible by support from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the US Department of Energy, and the Corporate Associates of the Alliance to Save Energy.