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Blog Post 09/03/19 Bipartisan Plan Aims to Put More Americans to Work in 21st Century Energy –- Including Efficiency Jobs
Media Release 08/29/19 DOE Lightbulb Efficiency Rollback Will Saddle Americans With High Costs
Blog Post 08/27/19 An Energy Productivity Lens Shows Companies Doing More and Saving More
Article 08/22/19 Welcome Back for the 2019-2020 School Year
Blog Post 08/21/19 82 Degrees Keeping You Up at Night? There are Other Cool Ways to Save Energy.
Media Release 08/21/19 Alliance to Honor Leading Utility and Energy Efficiency Pioneers
Blog Post 08/15/19 Meet a Star of Energy Efficiency: How This Global Industrial Manufacturer Dropped Its Energy Intensity by Nearly a Quarter
Media Release 08/13/19 EPA Report Puts Value on Public Health Benefits of Energy Efficiency
Blog Post 08/12/19 These Three Schools and Universities are Showing the Way to an Energy-Efficient Future
Blog Post 08/06/19 Let's Raise Our Glasses to Energy-Efficient Brewing
Blog Post 07/31/19 Homebuyers are Usually Kept in the Dark About Energy Costs. How Can We Fix That?
Media Release 07/29/19 Senate Highway Bill an Encouraging Start for Tackling Energy Use
Blog Post 07/26/19 Heat Wave Brings High Cooling Costs. Here's One Way Congress Could Help.
Media Release 07/25/19 Alliance Welcomes Carbon Tax Proposals
Media Release 07/24/19 Companies Save Millions in Costs While Driving Down Emissions Through Energy Productivity Improvements - New Report
Blog Post 07/22/19 Senators Set to Unveil Key Transportation Bill -- With Energy Use and Carbon Emissions at Stake
Media Release 07/17/19 House Committee Advances Key Energy Efficiency Bills Including Workforce Training Plan
Blog Post 07/17/19 Portman-Shaheen: Back and Better Than Ever
Media Release 07/17/19 Revamped Portman-Shaheen Bill Would Deliver Energy Savings
Media Release 07/16/19 Alliance Applauds Senate Committee Approval of Suite of Energy Efficiency Bills