02/02/15: Courtney Galatioto

Policy & Programs (P&P) Subcommittees

The Alliance chartered a Policy and Programs Committee (P&P) in 2005 to provide advice and counsel to the Board of Directors on creation and execution of policy platforms, advocacy campaigns, and new programs. The Committee is chaired by two Alliance Board of Directors and membership is open to Associate members in good standing. In addition, the Committee co-chairs, Board and/or senior management may invite individuals to participate at technical advisors as deemed appropriate.

There are three issue areas of keen interest to Alliance Board and Associate members - finance, building envelope technologies, and the water-energy nexus - that warrant a specific focus. The Alliance is chartering and forming three P&P Subcommittees to develop and execute policies and programs in these three core areas. Each Subcommittee will be chaired by Associate member organizations and membership will be open to representatives of all Alliance Associate member companies and as with the P&P Committee, non-Associate member individuals may be appointed to provide technical assistance.  We invite Associate members to contact Courtney Galatioto to join the P&P Commitee and/or the Subcommittees.

  • Finance Subcommittee, Chaired by Bruce Schlein, Citigroup
    The Finance Subcommittee functions to develop and propose new Alliance strategies, policies, programs and/or campaigns to increase the amount and quality of capital used to deploy energy efficiency into the economy. 
  • Energy-Water Nexus Subcommitee, Chaired by Ramola Musante, Nalco
    The Energy-Water Nexus Subcommitee functions to develop recommendations for an Alliance legislative and regulatory agenda that will further the energy efficient use, processing, and treatment of water.
  • Building Envelope Technologies Subcomittee, Chaired by Greg Bergtold, The Dow Chemical Company

    The Building Envelope Technologies Subcommittee functions to develop and recommend an Alliance legislative and regulatory agenda that will advance the development and deployment of efficiency building envelope technologies.