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Homeowner Energy Efficiency Tips from the Alliance and EnergyNOW!

Wondering how you can save money on energy costs in your home? The Alliance and energyNOW! just teamed up to give you the answers.

EnergyNOW! is a half-hour, weekly show on Bloomberg TV, with a companion website, devoted to energy issues. The show premiered in October 2010 and the new partnership with the Alliance, which began in June 2011, now provides video tips on the website about how you can easily make your home more energy efficient.

“The Alliance is thrilled to partner with energyNOW! to further enlighten consumers about simple energy-efficient products that will lower their electric bills and their carbon footprints,” said Kateri Callahan, president of the Alliance to Save Energy. “It’s another example of the Alliance spreading the message that energy efficiency is a win-win for consumers’ pocketbooks and the environment.”

Do-It-Yourself Videos

The one-minute segments on energy efficiency provide data about cost savings of easy-to-use home appliances and equipment, as well as specific tips for homeowners on how to choose and use their energy-efficient products.

Topics of the segments include: