Energy 2030 On The Road: A policy discussion on doubling U.S. energy productivity

The Alliance to Save Energy, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency, advocates for the bold but doable goal of doubling energy productivity in the U.S. by 2030 (getting twice as much economic output from each unit of energy). Achieving the Energy 2030 productivity goal would benefit the country enormously: the United States would save $327 billion annually in avoided energy costs, 1.3 million jobs would be created, imports would be reduced to 7 percent of overall energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions would be lowered to one-third below the levels emitted in 2005.

Achieving this goal requires significant energy efficiency advancements in every sector of the economy through the active participation of the private sector and all levels of government. For this reason, the Alliance developed a comprehensive set of 54 policy recommendations directed at all levels of government and the private sector. While roughly one-half of the recommendations require implementation at the federal level, the remaining recommendations aimed at the state and local levels and within the private sector necessitate significant attention.


The Alliance’s state and local campaign seeks to galvanize action at the local, state and regional levels by engaging stakeholders in a national, shared commitment to achieving the Energy 2030 goal. We recognize that the policies, programs and initiatives that businesses, communities and states will undertake to achieve the goal can and likely will vary widely. While stakeholders joining the campaign do commit publicly to working toward the collective goal, they are not asked to follow any prescriptive path forward. Rather, the Alliance provides the Energy 2030 recommendations as guidance to help elected officials, civic leaders, businesses and other organizations create and implement smart policies and programs that will ensure that all of our nation’s energy is used more productively. It is our hope that this campaign will not only result in innovative efficiency policies at the state and local levels, but also that this work will inspire national policymakers to act.

In 2013, the Alliance launched Energy 2030 On the Road, a state and local campaign which seeks to galvanize action at the local, state and regional levels by engaging stakeholders in a national, shared commitment to achieving the Energy 2030 goal. Since the kickoff of the Energy 2030 On the Road campaign in 2013, and the subsequent launch of the Accelerate Energy Productivity 2030 partnership with the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Council on Competitiveness (COC) in 2014, we have visited 11 cities, secured 129 endorsements of the Energy 2030 goal, and collected 11 “Success Stories” outlining specific gains that companies, government entities and other stakeholder institutes have made in energy productivity.

In September 2015, Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz unveiled Accelerate Energy Productivity 2030: A Strategic Roadmap for American Energy Innovation, Economic Growth, and Competitiveness, which was directly influenced by a series of public dialogues and executive roundtables held around the country as part of the partnership.

To join the campaign, go to energy2030.org.