CarbonCount®: Quantitative Carbon Scoring System for "Green" Bonds | Alliance to Save Energy

CarbonCount®: Quantitative Carbon Scoring System for "Green" Bonds

This paper introduces CarbonCount®, a metric developed by the Alliance that evaluates bond investments in U.S.-based energy-efficiency and renewable-energy projects based on the expected reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions resulting from each $1,000 of investment. CarbonCount operationalizes this strategic direction, recognizing that investors will not — indeed, cannot — properly value carbon impacts until they are confident that those impacts have been estimated impartially and consistently.

CarbonCount addresses this challenge by combining forward-looking project data already used for credit ratings, sophisticated emissions modeling software, and clearly documented assumptions to produce a quantitative score tailored for finance professionals. Building carbon confidence through wide use of CarbonCount, the Alliance aims to increase financial flows toward, and justify favorable capital pricing for, projects that promise superior climate benefits. 

Learn more about the metric from Alliance President Kateri Callahan: