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Media Release 07/31/06 ‘Nat’l Action Plan for Energy Efficiency’ Could Defer Need For 40 Power Plants, Recognizes Efficiency as America's Greatest Energy Resource, Says Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 08/14/06 Alliance to Save Energy Announces Three New Board Members
Media Release 08/17/06 Alliance to Save Energy Encourages States to Maximize Use of Energy Efficiency to Reduce GHG under Regional Initiative
Media Release 09/06/06 Alliance to Save Energy Recognizes Nation’s Largest Private Electricity User — Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. — For Commitment to Energy Efficiency
Media Release 09/06/06 Alliance to Save Energy Honors 2006 Stars of Energy Efficiency: Dow Chemical, Wal-Mart, Mexico-Based Trust Fund for Electric Energy Saving (FIDE),City of Syracuse, Nat'l Affordable Housing Network, and Power Integrations.
Media Release 09/26/06 Major Utilities Call on Energy Department to Strengthen Energy-Saving Transformer Standards
Media Release 10/06/06 DOE’s Weak Energy-Efficiency Proposal for Furnaces Short-Changes U.S. Consumers on Potential Money Savings
Media Release 11/15/06 Energy-Efficiency Home Makeover Launches National ‘6 Degrees of Energy Efficiency Challenge’
Media Release 12/11/06 One-Year Extension of Energy-Efficiency Tax Incentives A Positive But Limited Step, Says Alliance to Save Energy
Annual Report 01/01/07 2006 Alliance Annual Report
Media Release 01/04/07 As Gas Prices Surge Again, Alliance to Save Energy Urges New Congress to Increase Vehicle Fuel Economy
Media Release 01/18/07 Proposed 'Energy Efficiency Reserve Fund' Needed to Support Cost-Effective Investment in Efficiency Programs, RD&D
Media Release 01/24/07 Bush's 20-10 Energy Plan Sets Laudable Efficiency Goals; Administration, Congress Must Collaborate to Make Them Real
Media Release 02/01/07 Exec Order Sets Commendable Goals for Upping Fed Agencies Efficiency
Media Release 02/05/07 Bush FY ’08 Budget Continues Trend of Short-Changing Energy-Efficiency Programs, Says Alliance
Media Release 02/13/07 Computer Data Centers: A ‘New Policy Frontier’ For Energy Efficiency, Says Report from Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 02/14/07 Alliance to Save Energy Announces Stellar Roster of Officers, New Board Members for its 30th Anniversary Year
Media Release 02/20/07 Utilities, Efficiency and Environmental Groups Join to Propose New Efficiency Standard for Electric Transformers
Media Release 03/01/07 Alliance Calls on Congress, DOE to Expedite Process For Setting Robust Appliance Energy-Efficiency Standards
Media Release 03/14/07 Dorgan-Craig Proposal to Boost Fuel Economy Would Enhance Nation’s Energy Security, Says Alliance to Save Energy