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Between 2-3% of the world’s energy is used to pump and treat water for people & industry.

The Water-Energy Nexus

Water and wastewater treatment agencies are large energy users that operate 24 hours a day. In fact, for many municipalities, water and wastewater treatment can account for as much as 30 to 40% of their energy consumption.

However, water and wastewater treatment agencies have not always been encouraged to address the energy efficiency of their facilities. As a result, energy consumption in most water systems worldwide could be reduced by at least 25% through cost-effective efficiency actions.  Simultaneously reducing water leaks and improving management practices in utilities can dramatically increase the amount of water available to end users, while yielding significant financial savings. 

How Watergy Works

In 1997, the Alliance launched the Watergy program to address the link between water and energy in municipal water and wastewater treatment systems.  Since then the Watergy program has designed and carried out projects in over 100 cities across the globe.  Watergy participants in developing countries have saved more than 20.8 million kWh of electricity and $5 million in operating costs, and the savings continue to accumulate.   

To help realize the energy efficiency potential of the water and wastewater treatment sector, as well as to educate energy efficiency program developers and policy makers, the Alliance offers a portfolio of services that include energy assessments, training, outreach, advocacy with electric & gas utilities, financing mechanism research and policy analysis. These services provide water and wastewater treatment agencies with the tools and knowledge to achieve significant water and energy savings that can mitigate rate increases and redirect municipal revenues toward other public services.




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