Student Energy Audit Training | Alliance to Save Energy

  • SEAT gives students a first-hand experience analyzing how energy is used at their school.  Students will learn about many aspects of energy efficiency and energy auditing and will have a chance to conduct real audits of select areas in their school.

  • SEAT demonstrates to students that they, along with the entire school community, can help control how energy is used at their school.

  • SEAT is comprised of a series of PowerPoint presentations and a set of activities that give teachers and students the tools to turn a selected audit area of their school into an energy-efficiency "laboratory". A detailed, sequential Teacher's Guide provides instructions on how to implement the program.

  • SEAT provides students with valuable realworld knowledge and experience that can be taken home and shared with the rest of the school community.

  • Schools and districts that have implemented the energy-saving changes recomended by SEAT students have been known to save thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Learning about and practicing energy efficiency means everyone wins!