Student Energy Audit Training | Alliance to Save Energy

The SEAT workshop involves an exciting, interactive presentation and a set of activities that give teachers and students the tools to turn a selected area of their school into an energy efficiency “laboratory.”  SEAT-trained students complete a school energy assessment, which we call an “energy audit.” Then, students select a project that helps decrease energy consumption in their school.

Schools and districts that have implemented the energy-saving changes recommended by SEAT students have saved thousands of dollars in energy costs.  To find out more and to schedule a SEAT training for your school, contact Alliance Education Project Manager Aaron Stainthorp.

What is the purpose of SEAT?

  • To give students first-hand experience analyzing how energy is used at their school;
  • To develop students’ understanding of the advantages of saving energy;
  • To empower students and teachers to change how energy is used at their school; and
  • To create and carry out an action plan to save energy at school. 

How does SEAT work?

SEAT is a eight-hour course available for middle schools and high schools; up to 30 students can attend the workshop. The Alliance provides the live trainer, as well as the student toolkit and workbooks. After the workshop, students return to their classrooms to share their skills and knowledge with their classmates. Before the day is through, SEAT trainers consult with students and teachers to help them organize ways to set and achieve savings goals.

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