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Energy Hog Rental 

Use the Energy Hog costume to engage students and audiences at public events. With a variety of skits, activities, and performance possibilities the Energy Hog mascot can be used to attract attention and focus attention on energy efficiency. These skits make learning memorable and are an unforgettably exciting experience for the students!

Rental Includes:
  • The Energy Hog costume, a Hog Buster’s lab coat and additional props
  • Access to skits for various school and non-school events designed to maximize your impact and create memorable messaging
  • Customized assemblies and presentations are also available

Energy Hog Assemblies

Assemblies allow you to present a meaningful and memorable presentation about energy. Click here for downloadable Energy Hog skits, and video demonstrations of an Energy Hog performance.

Energy Hog Resources

Learning about energy is fun when you include Energy Hogs! The Energy Hog Challenge is a set of classroom activities that guide children through lessons about different sources of energy, how we use energy at home, and how to bust energy hogs to save energy.

Online is a website that teaches students how to become Energy Hog busters and challenges people of all ages to stop energy waste, save money and help the planet. Visit our website to learn how you can stop Energy Hogs.

Energy Hog Kids Site

Learn how to defeat Energy Hogs and become and offical Hog Buster.  NO ADULTS ALLOWED!
Using Energy Hog games, guides and other free resources, teachers and energy educators train students to save energy and become Hog Busters themselves.


Maybe you know an Energy Hog. An Energy Hog could be a family member … or even yourself! No matter who's wasting energy, Energy Hog games and resources engage kids in learning about energy efficiency.

Energy Hog educational resources are designed for grade levels 2 – 6; cover the subject areas of Science, Math, Technology, Language Arts and Social Studies; and meet national learning standards. The Energy Hog free classroom activities and materials guide children through lessons about different sources of energy, how we use energy at home, how to bust energy hogs to save energy, and more!

Live Visits

To highlight how we use energy, and the importance of energy efficiency, schedule a real, live Energy Hog visit to your school or educational event. To schedule a live presentation from the Energy Hog – complete with a fully costumed Energy Hog – contact Alliance Education Program Manager Jennifer Alldredge