Drive $marter Challenge Campaign | Alliance to Save Energy

Focused totally on transportation, the Drive $marter Challenge campaign built on the 6° concept that demonstrated the impact of one person's actions multiplied by similar fuel-efficiency actions of family members, friends and colleagues of all the people who shared the tips and challenged others to participate.

The Drive $marter campaign encouraged people to:

  • Check out and download money-saving driving and vehicle maintenance tips.
  • Help spread the word by telling 6 family members and friends about the Drive Smarter Challenge and become eligible for discount coupons for fuel-efficient products that can reduce gasoline bills.
  • See how individual actions and those of others who take the challenge create a multiplier effect.

Campaign Partners

The partners for the Drive $marter Challenge include companies, trade associations, government agencies, consumer groups and nonprofits, which have joined together to promote fuel efficiency:

Media Resources

In this section you'll find a collection of materials on the campaign as well as a page of broadband media resources with links for multi-media resources. You are welcome to download these resources based on your particular area of interest. Should you find that these resources do not include the information you're looking for, please contact the Alliance to Save Energy.