BCAP continues to build its new strategic direction by working with partners to create practical solutions addressing barriers to energy code adoption and compliance. 2013 initiatives include:


Continue sharing relevant news and resources with a wider audience through multiple platforms including the Online Code Environment & Advocacy Network (OCEAN)  in our continued effort to show that energy codes improve building energy efficiency when stakeholders move forward together.


Existing Buildings

BCAP is collaborating with states and local jurisdictions to conduct analysis of energy code use and compliance for commercial building retrofit projects. The project focuses on increased awareness and understanding of energy code requirements, identification of barriers to compliance and enforcement specific to building modification and the proposal of action steps to address these barriers.

Compliance Planning Assistance Program

Since June 2010, BCAP has partnered with state energy offices across America as part of the Compliance Planning Assistance Program to help states take practical steps towards achieving full compliance with the model energy codes.

Compliance Collaborative

BCAP helps states form collaboratives which provide a forum for all stakeholders impacted by energy codes to come together to work toward common interests. The Collaboratives work to raise energy code compliance rates through outreach to design professionals, code officials, and consumers to shape our collective and holistic efforts towards building energy efficiency.



Through a joint effort with the international Code Council (ICC), BCAP developed the Energy Code Ambassadors Program (ECAP) to provide a support network for code professionals to improve energy code implementation and enforcement in states. The program trains and certifies existing code officials to provide support and energy code expertise through peer-to-peer guidance throughout the code enforcement community.


To create public awareness of and support for energy codes it is vital to reach out to stakeholder groups beyond the “core” professional community. Informed consumers and homebuyers become a direct market force encouraging builders to meet and exceed energy efficiency requirements and are also likely to engage more actively as advocates to influence state and local energy code adoption processes and enforcement activities.


BCAP’s Architect leadership project aims to train and position the design professional community for a leadership role in the energy code compliance process. BCAP will work with partners within the design community to develop and test outreach materials and presentations to better engage the architectural profession in energy code-compliant design and construction.