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Northern California Power Agency

The Northern California Power Agency (NCPA), headquartered in Roseville, California, is a not-for-profit joint powers agency that represents and provides support for 17 member communities and districts in Northern and Central California. NCPA was founded in 1968 as a forum through which community-owned utilities could prevent costly market abuses employed by private utilities at that time, and to make investments to ensure an affordable, reliable and clean future energy supply for the electric ratepayers we serve.

NCPA has a longstanding commitment to the generation of electricity from environmentally-responsible sources. They own and operate several power plants that together comprise a 95% emission-free generation portfolio. NCPA’s members collectively reflect a 50% carbon-free resource portfolio thanks in part to the contribution of our owned resource mix of geothermal, hydroelectric, and natural gas facilities. NCPA continues to advance our ethic of environmental leadership with the recent addition of new wind, geothermal, and solar resources to our resource mix to power Northern California communities.




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