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Well over a trillion dollars in energy saving opportunities are available in the U.S., but realizing those savings will require billions of dollars in smart investment by both the government and the private sector. To jumpstart our savings potential, action is needed to unleash this capital.


Expand Financing
  • Make more capital available by enabling institutional investors to buy energy efficiency financial obligations on a large scale using securities based on uniform contract structures and better performance data. 
  • Mortgage

    Establish state and local programs for financing of efficiency measures, which may use repayment on utility bills or on property tax bills.

  • Consider household energy and transportation costs when underwriting mortgages, which will allow larger or more attractive loans for homes with lower monthly costs.
Reform Taxes
  • Reform federal energy efficiency tax incentives to focus on high efficiency technologies and measures, and on promoting innovation and market transformation.
  • Adjust commercial and industrial depreciation schedules to encourage investments that boost energy productivity.

Support Innovation

  • Increase federal investment in basic and applied research, development, demonstration, deployment, and technical assistance.
Lead by Example
  • Apply best practices to government buildings and vehicle fleets.
  • Make all cost-effective efficiency improvements to federal buildings using private financing and public funds.

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