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Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of smart energy policy. It’s the most important energy resource we have – the fastest, cheapest and smartest way to reach our energy and environmental goals. Raising awareness of energy efficiency’s benefits and supporting policies that create strengthened energy productivity are top priorities of the Alliance to Save Energy.

Working in a bipartisan fashion, the Alliance has a 40-year track record of success in convening diverse stakeholders and forging compromise around common-sense solutions, whether through tax policy, codes and standards, or other federal programs.

Benefits of Energy Efficiency Policies

Federal policies encouraging and supporting energy efficiency have proven time and again to save taxpayers money, create jobs, increase U.S. competitiveness, stimulate technological innovation and ease strain on the electric grid. Improved energy efficiency can enhance national security, reduce air pollution and strengthen the economy.

Thanks to a combination of federal policies and private investments, the U.S. now gets twice as much gross domestic product per unit of energy consumed as we did in 1980 – we’ve doubled our energy productivity. Today, the Alliance is working to double U.S. energy productivity again.

To learn more about our current policy priorities and activities, see Our Work.