Educate | Alliance to Save Energy

The lack of awareness and information about energy efficiency is a major barrier to greater energy productivity for consumers, businesses and government. Action is needed to deliver access to reliable, useful information and to encourage consumers, workers, business executives, and government leaders to engage in improving energy performance.


Build Awareness
  • Develop effective building energy ratings, benchmarks, and disclosure methods for commercial and residential buildings, require periodic disclosure in commercial buildings and at time of sale or rental in residential buildings, and incorporate the information in building appraisals and real estate listings.
  • Enable customers, and third parties authorized by the customers, to access their energy usage data, with privacy protections.
  • Develop harmonized energy use labels with discrete ratings for appliances and vehicles, coordinated with building energy labels.
Improve Transparency & Management
  • Effectively manage corporate energy use and report on energy productivity as part of corporate sustainability reporting.
Educate the Public
  • Develop school and university curricula on energy use and productivity, conduct consumer outreach campaigns.
  • Develop technical certifications, and provide related workforce training and continuing education.