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CPS Energy - 2019 Chairman's Award Winner


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2019 Chairman's Award Winner

CPS Energy

CPS Energy is the largest municipally-owned, vertically integrated electric and natural gas company in the nation. As a community-owned utility, we are committed to developing programs that serve all our customers equitably. Recently, CPS Energy introduced our innovative Flexible Path generation model allowing us to further embrace distributed generation, while continuing to reduce carbon emissions and focus on delivering clean energy at an affordable price. As we build our path for the future, we understand that we need to stay flexible to continuously meet the needs of our growing community. This flexibility allows us to add renewable generation and new technologies as they become available and more economical for a utility-scale application.

In keeping with the Flexible Path, CPS Energy’s Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP) is on track to reduce the growth in our community’s demand for electricity by 771 megawatts (MW), or the output of a large coal plant, by 2020. To achieve our goal, we are constantly researching new technologies that we can use to invest in our community and bring added value to our customers.

Providing innovative energy efficiency, demand response and solar programs are examples of this added value. Our comprehensive portfolio of programs is comprised of offerings in all major product categories. Our level of commitment to energy efficiency and investment in our community is unique for a utility of our size in Texas. Since 2009, CPS Energy has invested over $641 million towards our STEP program and has saved approximately 711 MW to date. Moreover, this commitment incorporates unique accountability, including annual evaluation, verification, and measurement of programs by a third-party evaluator, industry benchmarking, and reporting to the San Antonio City Council on program performance and cost effectiveness.

CPS Energy currently offers over 20 programs designed to reduce the overall demand for energy in our community. In its portfolio design, it strives to ensure that all customers can participate in saving energy and money. For instance, the company recognized a gap in participation from low to moderate income customers and looked for innovative opportunities and partnerships to help expand itsreach and engage as much of the community as possible by reducing cost barriers for participation. Today, the CPS Energy SaveNow Program fulfills that goal. Whether customers rent or own, qualify based on income or not, there is a program for everyone.

In addition, CPS seeks to forge partnerships and create initiatives that help us get to the next level of energy conservation. Through a robust team of partners, including companies like Nest, CLEAResult, Franklin Energy, and others, CPS Energy is able to broaden our reach into the community and deliver to our customers the high-quality technical assistance they expect from us as their energy expert.

The company's most recent effort is a partnership with a local San Antonio firm to operate and maintain 5 MW of community-owned solar power via solar covered parking structures throughout the community. This project will allow customers to purchase panels and receive a monthly credit on their bill, bringing new opportunities to customers who face barriers related to renting, shading, or structural challenges with their roof. Another recent example is the “green-ification” of our vehicle fleet. By purchasing 34 electric hybrid trucks, CPS is contributing to a reduction of 7.75 tons of NOx emissions and 58.7 tons of CO2 emissions.

In the spirit of the Flexible Path, CPS Energy will continue to show customers our dedication to promoting clean energy (low and no carbon), enabling consumption management, facilitating environmental causes, encouraging environmentally friendly fleets and buildings, and consistently seeking ways to protect its community’s environment.




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