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Physical space and business dynamics of the workplace are changing. Employees demand flexibility and employers—looking to attract and retain the best workers—are deploying technological innovation to deliver improvements in the working environment.
The report provides evidence of the powerful, positive role that energy efficiency plays in meeting grid reliability, resilience, and affordability goals.
A budget cut here and there to energy efficiency programs could lead to worse energy system reliability and resilience.
It's critical for businesses in the energy efficiency market that no new tariffs are imposed.
Energy efficiency saves consumers and businesses money on bills
It is natural, in times of tight budgets, to ensure that government programs give a real bang for their buck. But as the current administration and Congress dedicate themselves to saving taxpayers’ dollars, we urge them to think twice about cutting the programs that, well … save the taxpayers’ dollars.
Most people don’t associate the water coming from their faucets or flowing down their drains as energy intensive. Truth is, water and wastewater systems are enormous consumers of energy.
If it were called the “forfeit American jobs” bill, no one would support it.
“Cutting programs in half is not balance. It’s disastrous.” While the threat remains very real, a Senate appropriations bill moving more slowly through that chamber would largely protect efficiency programs.
Chicago ranks as number 7 in energy efficiency nationwide, and we are super excited to see why. So let’s take a look at three ways the city is innovating when it comes to energy efficiency initiatives:
To help you save money (and energy!) during the hottest months of the year, the Alliance to Save Energy published a three-part blog-series, entitled "Saving Money in the Summer." To wrap the series up, we've created an infographic with highlights from each blog post. Check it out and feel free to share it on your social media and digital outlets.