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Steve Saunders


As CEO of Tempo Partners, Steve Saunders has more than 32 years’ experience working to improve the energy efficiency, environmental and comfort performance of new and existing buildings. Going back to 1966, Tempo and related companies have been serving the comfort and efficiency needs of buildings for 48 years. Tempo Mechanical ( is a full service mechanical contracting firm. In the last 48 years, Tempo has installed and commissioned more than 265,000 HVAC Systems. TexEnergy ( has certified more than 115 million sq. ft. of single family homes as energy efficient or environmentally friendly. US-Eco Logic ( has certified or has certification projects in process for more than 45 million sq. ft. of multifamily - including almost one million square feet in the Middle East. The organization has unique experience in real world applications at the intersection of “green”, “energy efficiency” and “HVAC”. Tempo Service was an early adopter of Home Performance methodologies and has incorporated Home Performance and Building Performance measures in its work since 2006.