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Arturo Pedraza Martinez

The Alliance’s Leadership

Arturo Pedraza Martinez

Director General

Mr. Arturo Pedraza leads Watergy Mexico, A.C., a nonprofit devoted to energy efficiency in the water and sanitation sector, and has worked in cooperation with the Alliance to Save Energy since 2003. He has nearly three decades of experience developing energy efficiency programs in several sectors, including industrial, transport, public, commercial and municipal.  He currently provides training, consulting on methodology, and project implementation support to help water utilities reduce the energy cost of operation, while also reducing water losses and increasing access to potable water service in urban and rural areas. In addition, Mr. Pedraza has been involved in projects across Latin America and the Caribbean, including coordinating international energy finance working groups, organizing solar energy projects, and participating in regional events and exchanges on energy efficiency.

Prior to founding Watergy Mexico, Mr. Pedraza spent eleven years as the Regional Coordinator of the Mexico National Energy Saving Commission (CONAE) for the Puebla and Tlaxcala Region. There, he conducted and managed more than 120 energy audits, implemented 50 projects (including four ESCO pilot projects) financed by IADB as a part of the Fideicomiso para el Ahorro de Energia (FIDE) program, and led cogeneration, transport fuel and water utilities energy efficiency projects.

Mr. Pedraza has extensive experience developing training and outreach events and workshops.  With Watergy Mexico, he has provided over 130 trainings, ranging from small workshops to national seminars on the water-energy nexus.  At CONAE, he managed and conducted 140 training and promotional events on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Mr. Pedraza is a Registered Professional Engineer and a Certified Energy Manager, and holds an engineering degree from Universidad de las Americas and a master’s in business management Universidad Autónoma de Puebla.




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