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Andrew McAllister

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Andrew McAllister

Board Member Since December 2016

Andrew McAllister was appointed to the California Energy Commission by Gov. Edmund G. Brown in May 2012, and oversees the state's Energy Efficiency efforts. Commissioner McAllister has been working on clean energy deployment and policy for his entire 25-year career: beginning in the early 1990s in project engineering and development, evolving into program design and implementation, then moving into the policy arena. He has worked across the world to develop renewable energy generation, energy efficiency investments, and energy management systems, with counterparts ranging from tiny remote communities to the largest of utilities. He administered two of California’s signature renewable energy programs (California Solar Initiative, Self-Generation Incentive Program), developed and operated energy efficiency programs for utilities, and has performed a broad range of policy-related research for California and the U.S. Federal government. He currently serves on the board of directors of the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), and as a member of the USDOE State Energy Advisory Board (STEAB). Commissioner McAllister’s deep grounding in technology, policy and marketplace provide him with uncommon insight on the accelerating changes taking place in the electric power sector.

Before joining the Energy Commission, Dr. McAllister was managing director at the California Center for Sustainable Energy, where he worked for six years.  Previously, he worked with NRECA International, Ltd. in the electric sectors of countries in Central and South America, Southeast Asia and Africa on a variety of efficiency, load management, utility planning and remote power projects. He was a project manager at an energy consulting firm and worked as an energy efficiency analyst at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Commissioner McAllister studied both engineering sciences and art history at Dartmouth College, and holds M.S. and PhD degrees from the Energy & Resources Group at UC Berkeley. He is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.




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