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Urge Congress to Protect Energy Efficiency Jobs

As Congress moves forward with plans for recovery, we need your help to inform representatives of the important role energy efficiency needs to play.

The timing is critical. Despite record growth in energy efficiency jobs over the past several years, this sector has experienced an alarming rate of job losses since the start of the pandemic. A recent report revealed that 413,000 U.S. energy efficiency workers—almost 20% of the workforce—lost their jobs in March and April. If current trends hold, that could jump to more than 600,000 in the coming weeks without urgent action.

As our allies in advocating for the economic savings and environmental benefits of energy efficiency, we know you’ll find these numbers concerning. We have been developing policy proposals that will not only regain these losses, but put us back on course for future efficiency gains. By reaching out to your representatives, you can help us turn these proposals into law.