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Tell your Senators: Support this amendment today

We need your help. The U.S. Senate is considering a bipartisan amendment now that could pave the way for more sustainable, climate-friendly, and affordable homes and buildings for decades to come. But the amendment is at risk of failing by just one or two votes. This is a critical decision because homes and buildings account for about 40%of U.S. energy use and a similar share of greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, they will be in use for decades, so we need to build them right the first time.

Please help us by urging your senators to support this amendment, which is slated to be voted on in the next few days. The amendment is bipartisan and simple – it would allow the Department of Energy and our National labs to provide more support and resources to states and cities who want to adopt modern building energy codes, which serve as a flexible roadmap for more efficient construction.

This is also a key element for improving housing affordability, particularly for low-income residents. The biggest expense in owning a home, after the mortgage payment, is usually the energy bill. Drafty and poorly insulated homes cost a lot of money to heat and cool – the average monthly utility bill is about $225. But, an upfront investment of a couple of thousand dollars in insulation and other energy efficiency upgrades during construction can lower the monthly costs dramatically.

We need to let senators know that the amendment has strong support in their home states because it is smart policy that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save consumers thousands of dollars. Your voice matters. Contact your senators now.

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