Help Us Get this Climate and Energy Affordability Policy to the Oval Office

Help Us Get This Climate and Energy Affordability Policy to the Oval Office

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Help Us Get This Climate and Energy Affordability Policy to the Oval Office

The current Section 25C tax credit allows homeowners to claim a lifetime maximum of $500 for the purchase of energy-efficient equipment like heating and cooling systems, water heaters, insulation, windows, and doors. That is far too low of an incentive to motivate homeowners to make the more efficient choice. With your help, we’ve raised awareness of the pivotal role that reforming this credit must play in the next era of energy policy, and Congress has listened by including critical updates in legislation being negotiated today. Under proposed legislation, the value of this credit would more than double to $1,200 – an enormous step forward. Now it’s time to thank your member of Congress for this progress and ensure these reforms make it to the President’s desk.

There’s a reason reforming energy efficiency tax incentives was identified as one of the top 10 ideas for combatting climate change while creating jobs by the independent CLEEN Project. Reforms could:

  • Create more than 1 million jobs
  • Save consumers and businesses $21.5 billion in energy expenses
  • Avoid 445 million metric tons of carbon emissions – equivalent to taking nearly 100 million cars off the road for a year

Tell your members of Congress about these incredible benefits today and thank them for working to turn this powerful proposal into law.




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