Energy Efficiency Budget Cuts Advancing in Congress

Dear Energy Efficiency Advocates,

This is a critical time to speak out in support of federal energy efficiency programs. Following the Trump Administration's proposal to all but eliminate critical energy efficiency programs, Congress is considering legislation that – while an improvement over the administration budget – would still cut funding for this work almost in half. This includes programs like ENERGY STAR, which would be cut by roughly 40 percent, and the hugely important work setting efficiency standards for appliances and equipment that not only deliver enormous reductions in harmful emissions but also save Americans billions of dollars a year.

This is a very real threat. The House already passed a spending bill that would deeply cut or eliminate most efficiency programs. We urge you to contact your Members of Congress and voice your opposition to these cuts.

We have made it easy for you to reach your representatives and senators: simply fill out and submit the form below, and you will be taken to a pre-drafted letter, which you are free to edit as you wish or leave as is and submit electronically. It takes just a few minutes and could help us "win the day" on continued federal investment in energy efficiency.

As always, we sincerely appreciate your support as we work to protect these crucial programs.


Kateri Callahan
President, Alliance to Save Energy