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50x50 in the News

As of October 1, 2018


S&P Global Market Intelligence: Auto, utility industries pitch energy cuts during tech transition (subscription required)

  • "Among other recommendations, the commission called on Congress to support enhanced energy-efficiency vehicles, or E3Vs, with infrastructure investments and financial incentives."

The Energy Daily: Utilities, automakers push EVs, RNG in clean vehicle strategy (subscription required)

  • "Along with actions that would support wider EV and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle adoption and a buildout of charging infrastructure, the recommendations also call for increasing use of renewable natural gas (RNG) as a transportation fuel."

Utility Dive: Utilities, carmakers launch campaign to cut US transportation energy use 50% by 2050

  • "In the face of broad deregulation efforts by the Trump Administration, some companies are continuing to pursue energy and environmental goals that exceed federal requirements. Such is the case with a new initiative to increase efficiency in the U.S. transportation sector."

Transportation Today: Commission seeks to reduce transportation energy use

  • "The Alliance to Save Energy has formed a panel focused on cutting U.S. transportation energy use by 50 percent by 2050."

Greentech Media: Utilities, Automakers and Environmental Groups Unite Around Slashing Energy Use

  • “The policy suggestions they put forth are wide-ranging: encouraging public transit and biking, as well as urging the federal government to pursue research and development on transportation and provide incentives for electric vehicles.”

Forbes: Corporate Sector And Institutional Investors Deliver A One-Two Punch To Knock Out CO2 Increases

  • “At issue here is giving corporations the incentive that that they need to implement clean energy technologies — things that no doubt require capital outlays but which may ultimately add to their bottom lines and preserve the ecology for generations to come.”

Buffalo News: Another Voice: Making transportation more energy efficient

  • Op-ed by 50x50 Commissioner Matthew Enstice: “Together, the 50x50 Commission is going to campaign to see these recommendations adopted. We can’t let this opportunity go by. Join us as we help America move to a more energy-efficient transportation future.”

Axios’s Generate newsletter:

  • “Members of a coalition that spans automakers, efficiency advocates and power companies are out with a new set of recommendations to help cut transportation energy use by 50% by 2050.”

Washington Examiner: Industry launches new clean car push amid Trump regulation roll back

  • “The commission is calling to raise levels of efficiency, but to do it in a way that doesn’t only rely on the EPA and Department of Transportation fuel economy regulations that focus on improving the auto industry’s fleetwide fuel-economy averages over time."

Bloomberg Environment: Automakers, Utilities Aim to Halve Transportation Energy Use by 2050 (subscription required)

  • “The report suggests local, state, and federal policy proposals that could cut in half transportation sector energy use by electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure development.”

Politico’s Morning Energy newsletter: 50x50 REPORT RELEASES CONSENSUS OPTIONS (subscription required)

  • “The Alliance to Save Energy convened the 50x50 Commission on U.S. Transportation Sector Efficiency to examine how the public and private sector can come together to meet "evolving transportation needs" while also reducing energy use 50 percent by 2050.”