Things That Use Electricity

Author: Liz Henkels, Deer Canyon Elementary School - Alta Loma Unified School District, CA


Use creative license with a thinking map to draw a colorful electrical cord, and show children the huge number of items we use in our homes that use electricity.

  • Objectives: Enhance the student's awareness of things around the house that use electricity. Practice phonemic awareness and writing skills.
  • Subjects: Science/Language Arts
  • Suggested Grade Level: K – 2
  • California Standards Addressed: 1st Grade
    • science standards 4a and 4b
    • concepts of print standard 1.1
    • phonemic awareness standard 1.4
    • writing standard 1.1
  • Time: 30 minutes


Each child will need a piece of 12" x 18"; white paper and colored pencils or twistable crayons. This project could also be done as a class project on the whiteboard, or on butcher paper with colored markers.

Preparation and Background

Read several age appropriate books about electricity to the students.


Have children draw a 3" x 2"; rectangle near the top left corner of their paper. From the top draw two lines to resemble an electrical plug. Inside the rectangle print "Things That Use Electricity."; Draw a long curving line around the paper to resemble an electrical cord. (Don't allow the line to cross over itself.) Have children suggest the names of things that use electricity in their homes. Write each word on the curving line. Use a different color for each word. This makes it easy to see where each word starts and ends.

For Discussion

If children are having a difficult time coming up with ideas remind them that things they see plugged into outlets needs electricity. Talk about things that would not work if there was a power outage. The phonemic aspect of words will need to be discussed as words are written on the paper.


A larger version of this activity could be used for a bulletin board using die-cut letters in a variety of colors. Incorporating an actual extension cord into the project could be fun. The word list generated by this project could be used for an additional writing assignment.